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What Can We Fix?

Sometimes it can be confusing as to what can be repaired with Paintless Dent Repair or what’s commonly referred to as PDR vs the traditional Bodyshop. In this section we will show examples of what should and should not be repaired with the PDR or Paintless Dent Repair Method. We get a lot of customers that stop by or text us pictures to see if it is something we can help with and we hope this helps to give you a better idea of what’s a good candidate for our process.

Our most common calls besides hail damage and door dings are from customers that have hit or rubbed up against a pole in a parking lot, rubbed up against the opening of the garage door or trash cans in the driveway. Another common call is due to bumper damage, which is something we do not repair because we do not repair plastics or someone calls with a scratch on their car and would like to know if we can repair it without realizing we only do “Paintless Dent Repairs”.

If you have incurred any type of damage like what we described above or your vehicle looks anything like the images below, we recommend contacting a traditional body shop that does offer painting or someone that specializes in those type of repairs. We often recommend customers go online to craigslist, select the services category and then search for bumper repair or paint touch up, etc. because there are companies on there that specialize in those areas just like we specialize in “Paintless Dent Removal”.

If your vehicle looks anything like the images below, it is not a good candidate for Paintless Dent Repair, it should go straight to a bodyshop to be repaired conventionally.

Large Dented Door

Someone sideswiped me.

Front Bumper Damaged

My bumper was damaged.

Fender Dent

I turned too sharp in a parking garage.

Side Damaged Door

I rubbed up against a pole in the parking lot.

Dent Caused By Pole

I accidentally hit a pole.

Bumper Damage

My bumper is falling off.

Door Dented By Pole

I came out and someone backed into my car.

Broken Paint On Edge Of Dent

I have a dent and the paint is broken.

Severe Dent in Door

Someone parked next to me and dented my car.

Hail Damaged Hood

I just got hit by a severely extreme hail storm.

Beyond Paintless Dent Repair

I was in an accident.

Hail Damage Repaied With Bondo Gone Bad

They fixed the prior hail damage with bondo.



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