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What is PDR, Paintless Dent Repair or Removal?

Quite simply paintless dent repair or what’s commonly known as PDR is the process of restoring a minor dent, ding or hail damage back to its previous condition without the need of paint or body filler.

With the use of custom made paintless dent repair tools specifically designed to work behind the vehicle’s panels, a highly skilled professional PDR technician can gently massage and reshape the metal, therefore restoring a vehicle’s body back to a factory-like condition in most cases.

PDR also allows the customers vehicle to preserve its original factory paint finish, which we all know is extremely important because once a vehicle has been painted it not only voids the original factory warranty on the paint finish, but it also diminishes the value of the vehicle as well.

In the case of hail damage that can be a severe financial loss the insurance companies fail to compensate you for when you collect on your insurance claim from a hail storm.

PDR is an extremely important tool in not only preserving the appearance of your vehicle and the value as well, it is also environmentally-friendly.

PDR is the preferred method of repairing those unsightly blemishes verses going the more traditional route of a body shop not only for the reasons mentioned above but also because in most cases the repair can be done in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost and without messy overspray, poor quality paint work, color not matching, etc. something I’m sure most of us have experienced before.

PDR not only saves you the convenience of time but also money as well compared to conventional body shop repairs.

PDR is an excellent alternative for use on late model vehicles, with small to medium size dents without broken or cracked paint, not located near the edge of the panel or had no prior body damage repair with plastic body filler.

The consumer awareness of Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) has increased significantly over the past several decades due to the increased use by all sectors of the automotive industry.

The reason for the increased awareness is mainly due to the fact that late model vehicles use more flexible metal along with more paint resilient finishes and the primary procedure paid for by insurance companies today is PDR.


Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

There are several benefits from using this process:

  • Much more cost effective
  • Allows you to retain the original factory finish
  • The resale value of the vehicle isn’t affected
  • It has a much faster turnaround time
  • If done right, it looks like it never happened


Paintless Dent Repair DIY Gone Bad

Over the years you would not believe how many times we have seen do-it-yourself paintless dent repairs that have gone terribly bad.

Vehicles have come in worse than they were before the customer attempted the dent repair themselves and as a result now have to go the far more expensive traditional body shop route, because the damage is now beyond the limits of PDR.

There are a lot of kits on the market that make the process look very simple, but trust me its not as simple as they make it look especially in the hands of an amateur and once the integrity of the paint is damaged they are now simply out of luck and you’re usually much, much worse off than if you’d just left it alone.

It takes years of doing it daily to develop the needed skills to properly repair a dent using the paintless dent repair method and when done right it’s an impressive process to watch.



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