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Why Use A Local Hail Repair Company?

At Dent Masters we know how important it is to choose a local hail repair company and that as a vehicle owner you have many choices to repair the hail damage on your vehicle.

We understand that some customers are happy just calling an 800 number or filling out a form online to find a hail repair facility.

Some customers go to a local body shop and let them take care of it without realizing they are just a middleman that turns around and outsources the repairs to an outside company and still collects your deductible.

Others customers prefer a more diligent approach in their investigation of local hail repair companies by going online and doing research.

They check Google customer reviews, call the Better Business Bureau, etc. in order to find just the right PDR shop that has an excellent reputation with highly rated customer reviews that can expertly handle the job.

Dent Masters is an expert in paintless Dent Repair, and we specialize exclusively in hail damage repair and removal.

There are several advantages to using a local hail repair company vs a non-local traveling hail repair company.

First of all, local businesses are more accountable to their local communities and typically provide better customer service than the non-local hail damage repair companies that pop into town for a few weeks or months like the circus coming to town and then disappear into the night.

As the owner of Dent Masters and personally having three decades of experience providing Paintless Dent Repair services, I have seen many things in this industry over the years, some really good and some really bad.

I personally was very instrumental in convincing the insurance companies that PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) was a viable alternative and the preferred method of repairing hail damage on vehicles vs the traditional paint and bondo repair methods.

As a result of my involvement, all major Insurance companies today prefer and choose Paintless Dent Repair over the traditional body shop repair.

Personally, I have repaired over 10,000 vehicles and pride myself in being a perfectionist and an expert in PDR.

In the world we live in today so many companies unfortunately focus on putting profit above the customer instead of the other way around as it should be.

Over the past three decades, I can’t even begin to tell you how many thousands of customers I have turned away that have requested my PDR services, because I honestly didn’t believe it was in their best interest because their money and time would be better off spent going with the traditional method.

The result of always doing what’s in the customers best interest has served us well, many of those customers have come back over the years and become long term clients and friends.

I strongly believe that if you can’t do something right, don’t do it at all and at Dent Masters we do it right!

Advantages of Working with a Local Hail Repair Company


  • Expert Quality Service: Car owners get the best repairs, the straightest answers, the most favorable timetables, and much more when they choose a local hail repair company. That kind of service often isn’t possible with a non-local company.
  • Staying Local: Hiring a well-established and reputable local hail repair company that’s also an accredited member of the BBB with an A+ rating means if there is a problem, you can show up at their front door next week or even next year and they will take care of it because their local reputation is on the line.
  • We Can Provide Local References: As one of the top hail damage repair companies in the area, we can provide you with many customer testimonials and references. We want you to see the quality of our work and our relationship with our customers for yourself. Local references and testimonials are very important because they can provide you with a clear and unbiased view of our company. They are one of your best tools to help you determine that Dent Masters is the right match for your repair.
  • We Are Part of the Community: Being part of the community motivates us even more to perform the best work possible for our customers, not only because they are our clients but because they are also our neighbors and we want to build a long term relationship with them by providing them with first-class workmanship and materials because they deserve nothing less than the best. Our business relies on our reputation, so you can expect us to work as hard as possible on every vehicle we repair. Dent Masters listens to all of your needs and concerns during the repair and we continue providing support even after completion.
  • We’re Trusted by the Community: Your hail repair needs deserve care and attention that simply can’t be provided by anyone other than Dent Masters. We are family-owned and operated, and we have been serving this area for decades. As the owner, I am hands-on with every repair, which means you can trust us to provide our utmost attention.
  • No Pressure: The non-local out of town companies must keep working in order to stay profitable and they will be less patient and/or apply more pressure on you to commit to the repair because they are only here for a short time. At Dent Masters we understand that your decision is bigger than our timetables.
  • Long-term Relationships: Selecting a hail damage repair company to build a long-term relationship with is very important as often as we see hail damage in our area. Selecting a company to repair your hail damage shouldn’t be a one-and-done deal, it should be the beginning of your relationship between the hail repair facility and the car owner.
  • Long-term Partnerships with Local Bodyshop’s: Dent masters has been a local hail repair company since 1990 and we have many well-established relationships with the local body shops, insurance adjusters and part suppliers. Due to our long term working relationship with these other local companies we know who is good and bad and who to avoid vs non-local just going anywhere that can do the work regardless of quality. We get preferential treatment, faster turnaround, better quality and service because we will not only be here tomorrow but next year too. The local body shops rely on our business as well which also allows our customers to become their long term customers too. The non-local companies will be gone in a few months, so long-term quality is not really a concern to them.
  • Lifetime Warranty: At Dent Masters every hail damage vehicle we repair has a nationwide written warranty that is good for as long as you own the vehicle.
  • A Local Phone Number That Hasn’t Changed in Three Decades: When you call us, we answer!


Disadvantages of Working with a Non-Local Hail Repair Company


  • No Long-Term Ties to the Community: In our industry we offer refer the non-local companies as the traveling Circus coming to town, here today and gone tomorrow. The non-local companies frequently change the name, number and website to match the city they are currently working in and typically use an 800# or purchase a group of throw-away phones with local phone numbers so they can appear as local when they advertise. When they leave the community, they throw away the temporary phones with the “Local” phone number or 800# only to never to be seen or heard from again, along with any problems you may have as well. Good luck if you have any problems.
  • Sub-Quality Repairs: The non-local hail repair companies’ expenses are a lot higher and they are trying to make as much money as possible off your job and the subcontractor it hires has the same goal too. As a result, they will typically be using less-than-experienced hail repair technicians, using cheaper materials wherever possible and cutting corners to repair your hail damage as well. After all, the subcontractor’s reputation might not take a hit, and the non-local company usually doesn’t care about a negative review because they won’t be around, but you will and so will your vehicle.
  • Limited Focus: Non-local companies primary focus is quick, short-term profit and because of that they are spread thin in so many other different directions they often don’t have the time to focus exclusively on your vehicle.
  • Place Profit Over Quality: Non-local companies have enormous expenses when they come into town and setup a temporary shop. They start with incurring travel expenses relocating the carnival (rv’s, trucks, trailers, loaner cars, salesmen, technicians, etc.) from the previous town and they often have to pay a lot more to rent a temporary location to do the repairs because it’s a short-term rental agreement. Now let’s add all the additional lodging costs, meals, etc. and their profit margins get smaller and smaller as each day goes by so when they are giving away the farm just to get your business, believe me when I say you get what you pay for and buyer beware!
  • Say or Do Anything to Get Your Business: Non-local companies are only in town for a short term so they need to say or do anything to get your business, often even giving away tv’s, gift cards or anything else just to get your business, because for them time is money and they don’t have time to waste. Insurance companies will never pay more than what it takes to actually repair the hail damage on your vehicle, so due to their extremely high overhead the non-local companies have to cut corners somewhere, typically by using subpar hail repair technicians, not replacing parts, or some other shortcut in order to discount the repair. We have all learned the hard way that nothing is free and in the end, you wind up losing a lot more than you gained.
  • Horror Stories: Unfortunately, you often hear stories about non-local companies disappearing in the middle of the night, keeping checks, never fixing the cars, poor quality craftsmanship, not standing behind their work, etc. and sadly enough often times it’s true.
  • Warranty or Lack of: What warranty, they are gone and so is your money! What about sunroof leaks, windshield leaks, discover broken parts, parts missing, paint cracked, paint missing, parts ordered that never came in and installed, I could go on and on, but you get the point.

At Dent Masters we are hyper-focused on standing by our workmanship and answering questions for car owners before, during, and long after the repair process is completed because we will still be here. On the other hand, the temporary pop-up hail repair shops often make their next job the priority and if there is a problem with your vehicle now or down the road, you really can’t afford to wait until it’s convenient or cost-effective for the temporary shop, because they may not even be here tomorrow.

Our business relies on our outstanding reputation, and word travels fast. That’s why we are not satisfied until our customers are!