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I have seen my insurance adjuster and have my paperwork now what?

Prior to dropping off vehicle:

  • Please remember to remove all important items from your vehicle such as garage door openers, gate cards, membership cards, phone charging cables, child car seats, etc., anything you made need while your vehicle is in our shop for repairs.
  • Bring your insurance estimate with you too, we cannot move forward until we have the initial paperwork.
  • If you have received a check from the insurance company made payable to you and the lien holder please bring that too so that we can give it to the adjuster when they come out and they will cancel it and they will re-issue it made payable to Dent Masters and yourself.

Appointment time:

  • Once you arrive at the scheduled appointment time to drop off your vehicle at Dent Masters we will make sure we have a copy of your initial estimate from your insurance adjuster, your key, have you sign a work authorization form, make sure you haven’t forgotten anything in your car and then drive you to the nearest Enterprise Rental location where you have your reservation and remain with you until you are completely taken care of and good to go.

Its our turn to take over at this point and within the next 24 hours we will:

Step 1:

  • We will take your vehicle to the nearest car wash and have it thoroughly cleaned so that we can see every hail dent.
    Bring the vehicle inside our shop and use our special lighting that that allows us to see each and every dent.
    We then spend the next 5-7 hours meticulously inspecting each and every panel and molding from every direction with our special lighting, then we use specially formulated markers to circle each and every hail dent so that the adjuster will be able to see what we see and nothing is missed.
    Now we document all of the additional damage (supplement) we see and submit that information to the insurance company.

Step 2:

  • The insurance company usually takes up to 48 hours to process that information once received and input the request into their system and when the new adjuster is assigned, they will reach out to us to schedule a re-inspection.

Step 3:

  • Once the new adjuster comes out to our new location, re-inspects the vehicle with us, reviews any additional hail damage we have documented and issues us an updated repair estimate we can begin the repair.
  • Now that we have the updated and agreed upon insurance estimate, we can begin the repair and order parts.
  • During the process we will update you with the status of the repair.
  • Upon completion we will contact you and arrange a time to pick up your hail damage free vehicle.



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